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OUR SERVICES: we are an independent unit of the Riskfin Group, rendering financial and  Tax services to individuals and businesses. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients. Trust and regular feedback is a key element of our service to ensure peace of mind. It is important for us to establish a personal relationship with our clients and encourage them to communicate with us regarding their tax uncertainties.


Personal Tax:

  1. Yearly recons and submission of personal income tax
  2. Registration of profiles on E-filing
  3. Regular communication and feedback regarding queries with SARS on income tax matters
  4. Personal Registration for income tax
  5. Directives.
  6. Tax saving

Business Services:

  1. Monthly processing of transactions on Pastel
  2. Monthly update management statements
    • Income statements
    • Balance sheet
    • Trial Balance
  3. Monthly submissions of EMP201 and VAT returns
  4. Yearly submissions of income tax returns
  5. Submissions of yearly returns at CIPRO
  6. Liaising with chosen auditors with regards to yearly audited statements
  7. Payroll and yearly recon of IRP’5.
  8. Advice regarding Tax saving.

We also provide extra services and guidance of an electronic processing of any cash, credit and debit card slips. For more information on going green with our E slips services, please contact us.

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