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AIDS Treatment Funeral Product


Company Profile

- Pays for your staff and their family's funerals 

- Helps keep your workforce healthy and productive 

- That responds to HIV/AIDS infections

- That provides:

  • 24 Hour call centre for HIV advice and counselling

  • 3 Blood tests per annum

  • 3 consultations per annum

  • Free vitamin and mineral supplements

  • Free Antiretrovirals from Private or State facilities

  • Full HIV disease management

  • Full HIV prevention services after an accidental exposure

All this is included in the funeral Insurance premium

Summary of Benefits

The programme has been broken into various components that will allow an organisation to complete a complete employee benefits programme, including the provision of a comprehensive HIV solution tailored to meet its own individual needs. (The programme is also designed to form part of the overall employee benefits menu including Group Life, Provident Fund etc - contact us for more details)

Funeral Product

The staff member can choose between Family and Individual Cover.
Assured Life   Individual Cover Family Cover
Member   R10 000  
Spouse     R10 000
Child 14-21   R10 000
  6-13   R5 000
  0-5   R2 500
Stillborn (< 26 weeks)   R750

Call Centre Services:

  • HIV/AIDS Protection Programme.

  • Unlimited access to the Trauma line care centre 24/7/365 days a year for professional counselling and guidance.

  • Access this service to report an incident and gain assistance in this regard or alternatively to obtain general advice on HIV

  • Access to 2 consultations and 2 blood tests. One immediately after an incident and the follow up at 3 months.

  • Access to a three-day antiretroviral starter pack in the event of an incident.

  • Access to the morning after pill in rape cases

  • Access to Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) medication in the event of all sexual assaults.

  • Combination Anti retroviral therapy (ART) for an additional 25 days upon receipt of an initial negative blood test result.

  • Lifetime telephonic counselling (Victim/patient)

  • Lifelong telephonic protocols (treating Doctor)

  • Disease Management - Advice

  • For HIV positive individuals

  • Access to a confidential call centre

  • Telephonic advice and counselling

  • Clinical Management including:

    1. Direction to nearest Government ART distribution centre
    2. Guidance on correct Dietary requirements
    3. Guidance on drug compliance
  • Patient follow up - reassessment of clinical regimens, etc

  • Disease Management - Comprehensive

  • Care Centre Services plus

    • Three free blood tests per annum
    • Three free consultations per annum
    • Case Management
    • Dietary advice and supplement
    • Once CDV count drops below 25
    • Free lifetime provision of Anti Retrovirals
    • Ongoing assessment of condition and modification to treatment for best effect

What are the advantages?

Care Centre

  1. Care Centre providing unlimited access and counselling service 24-hour, 365 days a year.
  2. The Care Centre employ qualified HIV specialist medical practitioners, sisters and nurses
  3. All calls are treated confidentially.
  4. All calls made to care centre are recorded for members security
  5. Advice relating to drug adherence
  6. Provide member with details of the closest facility at which they can purchase the Antiretroviral Therapy
  7. Telephonic counselling when the member feels the need to discuss any related issues.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is common in most rape survivors. It can occur immediately or can take up to six months to reveal itself. Symptoms can include mood swings, refusal to eat or over-eating, depression, temper tantrums, crying, aggression, nightmares, fear of going to public places or out of the house after dark, hallucinations, refusal to discuss the events or talking about it ceaselessly, inability to recall an import aspect of the trauma, feeling of detachment, inability to show affection, sever anxiety when touched sense of doom, not wanting to live, insomnia, hyper–vigilance, exaggerated startled response and difficulty concentrating. Counselling and a sympathetic work environment will help the member heal
  • Reaching out. There are many other organizations that can further assist with legal advice and support; these numbers are available from the LifeSense Care Centre.
LifeSense Disease Management 
  1. Rated top HIV Disease Management Company in South Africa
  2. Largest independent HIV / Disease Management Company in South Africa
  3. Specialist HIV Case Management and drug regime control
  4. Members have access to the Disease Management programme should they sero-convert to HIV.
  5. HIV Specialist Medical Practitioners
  6. Telephonic counseling
  7. Advice
  8. Incident report
  9. Incident management
  10. Drug availability in rural areas through courier medicine capability
  11. Complete peace of mind for all insured consumers and employees of employer groups in terms of centralised HIV specialist centre for the protocols required in the event of an HIV exposure, sero conversion or HIV+ client. 

Education and Training 

  1. Education and training is done via Skills to Learn who have developed an electronic training programme. This system can be implemented on an intranet, Internet, CD Rom or even on kiosks in the actual stores themselves. The system utilises an individual pin code per user and leads them through various levels of understanding of the disease including effects in the workplace and breaking down the stigma attached to it. 
  2. E-learning & story format:
  3. Dual message with audio and video
  4. Ability to educate in the context of considering behaviour and choices
  5. Novel, more efficient teaching medium with maximum flexibility of use
  6. Interactivity keeps user actively involved
  7. Personal privacy facilitates learning and content review especially for sensitive subjects
  8. Familiar vocabulary, voice sound, and phraseology
  9. Valuable as a post training tool

Education contents & Concepts 

  1. Why must I learn about HIV/AIDS and its prevention
  2. What is HIV? What is AIDS?
  3. How does my body immune system work & why cannot it beat HIV/AIDS?
  4. Isn’t HIV/AIDS curable?
  5. The symptoms
  6. How to properly use a condom and pro’s & cons of condom use
  7. How HIV/AIDS is and is NOT contracted
  8. Multiple sexual partners
  9. Male and female specific HIV/AIDS issues
  10. The role of abstinence in HIV prevention
  11. Dispelling powerful myths around HIV/AIDS
  12. Male-female gender issue complications
  13. Life after HIV
  14. HIV status and testing

Advantages to the employer

  1. Competitive Staff Funeral Benefits
  2. Proactive step in the fight against HIV
  3. Addresses a part of both financial and social triple bottom line reporting (King II)
  4. Employee Sustainability
  5. Reduces long term cost to Company
  6. Addresses the cause of the virus AND the symptoms
  7. 90% of awareness is done due to present media coverage
  8. Goodwill to employees
  9. Encompasses Social Responsibility issues
  10. Company is innovative about the most topical issue in the country at present HIV
  11. Medium and Long term cost savings on all employee benefits
  12. Provides a cost effective solution to managing the costs of HIV + employees
  13. Is the first fully integrated solution to treatment, management AND funding.
  14. Assists the Organisation with not just the employees but the other critical part of the organisation - THE CONSUMER!
  15. Assist the Government with their roll out programme
  16. Is the first of its kind private public partnership for a REAL solution to the pandemic
  17. Resolves both the preventative and curative aspects of the disease.
  18. Provides guarantees on for treatment of HIV+ patients
  19. Takes the HIV risk away from the company 
  20. Helps stabilise the company's pension fund Liability, Group Life Cover and Provident Fund

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